Day Treatment & Training

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If you are interested in becoming licensed to provide care for a foster child or vulnerable adult in your home please contact us for more information.

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Our Adult Day Treatment & Training is year-round for individuals with developmental disabilities. Caring for Angels designed this program for individuals to improve their independent living, social and recreation skills. We encourage intellectual and social growth as well as increase opportunities for successful community involvement. Programs are developed based on the individuals' needs, skill levels, including physical, sensory, cognitive impairment and intellectual challenges. Our staff is highly trained in working with a broad-spectrum autism, epilepsy, cerebral palsy, hearing, visual and mobility impairments. They are also trained to assist each member with medical concerns and/or dietary needs. 

Day Treatment & Training 

Transportation is provided to members attending our day treatment and training. We provide transportation to a member needing regular transportation to and from Caring for Angels adult day treatment and training center. We also provide transportation to the members necessary to support program activities out in the community throughout the day. Transportation is a service that is provided on a scheduled basis to increase or maintain self-sufficiency, mobility, and/or community access of members.